Who Can I write for as a Freelancer?

The question was asked, “I want to write articles and be paid for them. Which good companies can I write for?

Believe it or not, this is one of the most common questions that I get and can be answered in many ways depending on the person. The most important part about being a freelancer is being able to have that freedom to choose the type of work that you want and the hours that you want to work. However, you need to know that although you can make money as a freelance writer, is there enough steady work available so that you can do what you love on your own time.

Truth be told, there are so many different ways and outlets out there to generate cash from writing. I believe the better question if I may add, is how to have a consistent flow of cash as a freelance writer, or how can you generate enough cash to sustain your lifestyle as a freelance writer.  It all just depends on your comfort level and skill level. Below, I have provided just 5 ways that I have personally used to make money writing. Best part, all options are newbie friendly meaning you do not have to be an expert to get started now.

My 4 Recommendations specifically for writing articles for Cash are:
1) Fiverr.com-create a gig offering SEO article services. These gigs are always in high demand. Businesses are always looking for articles and content for their websites.

2)Upwork.com– There are unlimited job postings every minute for writing jobs especially for long term work.

3) iwriter.com– is another one that has posted jobs available and you can get started right when you sign up.

4) Realwritingjobs.com is another with unlimited postings for writing jobs every minute. Click here to get started now.

5) Writing-jobs.net – is another writing outlet with thousands of jobs posted for you to pick and choose from. This website is a membership website that gives you a 7 day free trial.

There it is, my 5 recommended websites to get up and started quickly as a writer.

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